Our services

We offer a broad selection of services, giving us the opportunity to work together with you in a way that benefits you the most:

Investment and asset planning
Investment opportunities are plentiful, and each investment portfolio has its own particularities and merits. Our task is that of implementing your preferences in a profitable manner so that you can reach your goals. Therefore, for your financial planning, we divide your assets into assets that are required for your future living expenses, and into discretionary means. In this manner, we come up with made-to-measure solutions for you. 

Asset management
Do you feel uneasy about taking charge of your investments by yourself? We will gladly do this for you; just delegate your investment decisions to us! We optimize your portfolio, taking into account your risk situation and your plans for the future, addressing exactly your needs. It goes without saying that your portfolio is analyzed on a regular basis, and is adapted to changing situations and framework conditions on the financial markets.

Comprehensive financial services under one roof
For further financial services, please contact our sister company KMB Investment & Management AG (tax consulting and tax declarations, SME services, financing, retirement planning, insurance planning and insurance consulting).